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What is PPC & Paid Search Marketing?

What is PPC?

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click.  This is a model of advertising used on the internet where advertisers are required to pay a fee every time an ad is clicked. This has proved to be one of the most important tools of advertisement that helps to bring traffic to your website than to gain those clicks organically. However, there are different types of PPC and among them is search engine advertising. The algorithm works in a way that pops up the ad every time someone searches something related to the ad.

What is Google Ads?

This is one of the most popular on the internet. Given that the reach of the google search engine is a lot, running a PPC campaign on its search engine can benefit the website. Google Ads was formerly known as Google Ad-words allows businesses to create ads that appear on the google search engine as well as other of its products. It works on a pay-per-click where advertisers pay forever to click on their Ad. The algorithm digs into a pool of advertiser every time a search is initiated and bring the ads that are more relevant to the search. The appearance depends on the quality, relevance, Ad campaign, and the keyword bids.

What should be an effective PPC keyword have?


This research is time-consuming but you can’t ignore it. Your entire advertisement is based on keywords and their relevance. Every time you place an Ad, you have to do keyword research and if you are doing it just for the first time, you are missing out a lot. Most of the businesses refine their keyword list every time.

Relevant –

There should be relevancy f keywords. You have to research which keywords have better potential in delivering results. You have to find the targeted keywords that will bring traffic to the site. No one wants to pay for the traffic that has nothing to do with the business. So the Keyword bids should be relevant to the services that you offer.


Your keywords should not just be popular but there should be a long tail of search. They are less common and more particular. This can help you in cutting a lot of money and making the advertisement less expensive.


The qualities of a good advertisement are that it should be able to absorb the new developments taking place in the market. This is the same thing about PPC where the Keyword is expansive and regularly refined.


The customer demands change regularly and once you have created your campaign; you will need tomanage it properly. Adding keywords, negative keywords, review, and refining the ads will reflect positively on the ad.


PPC can be beneficial as the internet is a place where you can target readers from a wide group of people and demographics. If you regulate your ads properly and make sure that the keywords are refined, the traffic on your site can increase.