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So why doesn’t every marketing firm have online marketing success?

There are 4 major reasons that firms get stuck in the mud:

  1. They spend way too much time creating content… and not enough time promoting it
  2. They ignore their connections and launch without a fan base
  3. They flutter from one strategy to the next, never giving any one thing a real chance
  4. They don’t know how to get traffic and turn it into sales

That’s why I’ve created the “Definitive Guide to Generating Sales Leads in 30 Days” ebook to help you eliminate those mistakes and start generating sales leads in 1 month.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve got for you:

  • Go Behind the scenes to see how we generated over 100 sales leads the first thirty days of our business (And why you can do even better than that – See page 4)
  • 4 Ways To Get Blog Traffic Overnight (Easier than you can ever imagine – See page 11)
  • How to write press releases that will generate highly qualified sales leads… Even if you failed 8th grade English; on Page 13
  • Create a landing page that will sell ice to an Eskimo (A step-by-step tutorial beginning on page 20)