Is Real Estate Agent A Good Career?

There are many careers that you can pursue in life, but what if you want to be a real estate agent? A real estate agent works with people who are looking for a house to purchase or are looking to rent a home. However, in order to become a real estate agent, one must obtain a license from the government. The United States requires agents to pass a written exam, take a test, and then be re-licensed after they complete their certification course.

Is it Easy to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Of course it is. In most areas of the country you can walk into a real estate office and get employment right away. With so many people needing to sell or buy homes, there are a lot of open real estate jobs, even real estate brokers. Plus, now that the housing market has begun to rebound and has been improving since the last few years, the number of jobs in this field has risen.

Is Real Estate Agent a Good Career

Is it Important that You Have a Particular Type of Degree or Specialty in order to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Yes, it is. To find a job as an agent, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. Some states require that you also have an associate’s degree or even an online certificate program. This will help ensure that you have the proper training needed in order to succeed in this career field.

Can You Work On Your Own or Do You Need to Start Out in a Real Estate Office?

You can work on your own, but most real estate agencies prefer that their agents work for them. This helps them to hire experienced individuals and train them properly. Plus, if you choose to work on your own, you need to have great marketing skills. No one wants to be hired by an individual that does not know how to market their services.

Is Real Estate Agent a Good Career

Do You Have Any Type of Criminal Background?

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you may not be allowed to work in real estate. Although most state laws vary, some may even make you ineligible if you were arrested for assault, theft, or other crimes. If you have served your jail time, you may not be allowed to work as a real estate agent either.


Is real estate something that you want to pursue? If so, then it would be wise to get all of the information you need before you begin such a career. Find out what it takes to become a listing agent, and how much competition there is. It is a competitive career, but it is one worth pursuing if you are truly interested. Think about your long-term goals, and if you are motivated by these goals, then you will likely be successful.

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